Aladdin – 2015

A pantomime by Stuart Arden

Mayhem in China as the wicked Abanaza wields the magic lamp with its great and powerful genie, and captures the Emperor’s daughter. Aladdin comes to the rescue, with the aid of Widow Twankey, Wishy Washy and the camp Genie of the Ring.


Aladdin Georgia Wright
Widow Twanky Christoph Kuhle
Wishy-Washy Peter Menzies
Abanaza Richard Henderson
Won Tun Gina Hawkshaw
The Great Powerful Genie of the Lamp Marcus Pischel
The Genie of the Ring David Cooper
Princess Martini Amy Esser
Emperor Baz Brown
Empress Penny Fooks
Ting Ming Sam Breach
Inspector Chu Hugh McAvinue
Major Domo Jane Esser
Sergeant Rick Wheatley
Sheikh David Yuille-Badderley


29-31 January 2015

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