Rapunzel Pantomime

A pantomime by Bradford and Webster
Directed by Jane Vidler

In Rapunzel the Pantomime, Rapunzel, a beautiful young woman with long golden hair, is locked up in a tower with no stairs and no door by her grandmother (really?) for her own safety (REALLY!?). Hold on, that’s no grandmother, that’s the evil witch Gothel. She’s collecting Rapunzel’s tears to keep herself young. And she is helped (and hindered) by her idiot henchfolk, Curly and Bob.

In the small town, local hair salon owner Trixie Bouffant is struggling to cope with the loss of her daughter who vanished 16 years ago. To distract herself, she engages in light-hearted banter with the Head of the Town Guard.

Her beleaguered son, Frankie, juggles his roles as confidant to all and personal assistant to Prince Frederick, the town’s infamous socialite. Frankie is the one often left dealing with the celebrity-chasing crowd and managing the Prince’s unruly locks after a night out.

In the royal residence, newly-qualified Fairy Flora arrives to serve the monarchs, who are increasingly frustrated by their son’s indulgent lifestyle. They dispatch him on a quest to earn his stripes.

Unexpectedly, the Prince frees Rapunzel from her captive tower. This, of course, infuriates Gothel, who barges into the royal estate with the intent to reclaim her ward. But ultimately, love prevails in a climactic face-off. Who could have predicted?

The tale is further enriched by comedic exchanges at Trixie’s salon and entertaining escapades from the clumsy duo, Curly and Bob, highlighted by a not-to-be-missed miraculous rope ladder sequence.


Prince Frederick Ryan Nowell
Rapunzel Amy Esser
Dame Beatrix (Trixie) Bouffant Richard Henderson
Frankie Vicky Meeks
Witch Gothel Lyn Welland
Fairy Flora Jo Flindell
Curly & Bob Bella Thomas & Rick Wheatley
King Geoffrey David Cooper
Queen Gertrude Barbara Harfield
Captain of the Guard Harvey Baird
Lacie, Macie & Gracie Leona Meeks, Suzanne Forbes, Donna Nowell
Chorus & Dancers Josie Bull
Anna Licciardi
Ella Nowell
Madalyn Morrissey-Leggett
Carla Shann


Thursday 7th December 2023 evening performance starting 7.45pm

Friday 8th December 2023 evening performance starting 7.45pm

Saturday 9th December 2023 Matinee starting 2pm.  Evening performance starting 7.30pm

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