Thursday 26 to Saturday 28 January 2023

Goldilocks and the Three Bears 2023

A pantomime by Damian Trasler, David Lovesy and Steve Clark
Directed by David Cooper

A tale of a girl, three bears and some porridge… and much more!

The traditional Goldilocks story is given a new slant in this pantomime tale. An evil queen bee is up to no good in the woodland, planning global domination for her wicked swarm and now she has a secret weapon – a potent hypno-honey. Soon a battle is underway for control of the wood with Goldilocks and her friends in the thick of it.

Lots of silliness, jokes (old and new!) and daft characters in this family show with plenty of audience participation!


Goldilocks Donna Nowell
Tomtom Eirin Potgieter
Auntie Septic Richard Henderson
Ray Ryan Nowell
Splinter Harvey Baird
Choppit Jane Vidler
Daddy Bear Marcus Pischel
Mummy Bear Bella Thomas
Baby Bear Lily Bayford Cooper
Queen Bee Barbara Harfield
Barnabee Hannah Martin
Penelobee Jo Flindell
Buzzbee Karen Chalmers
Kevin the Wasp Amy Esser
Chorus Rosy O’Neill, Maddie Morrissey-Leggett, Ava Potgieter, Ella Nowell
Additional Bears Suzie Forbes, Dawn Wright
Wolf Ava Potgieter