Robin Hood & The Babes in the Wood

A pantomime by Ben Crocker

A traditional pantomime, packed with jokes and  slapstick.


Alan-a-Dale  Jo Flindell
 Rabbits  Ava Potgieter, Ella Nowell, Maddie Morrissey-Leggett
Robin Hood Eirin Potgieter
Friar Tuck Ian Flindell
Little Joan Bella Thomas
Maid Marion Claire Johnston
Winnie Widebottom Harvey Baird
Sheriff of Nottingham David Cooper
Dennis Ben Cooper
Tilly Lily Bayford Cooper
Tommy James White
Schoolchildren Christoph Kuhle, Barbara Harford, Markus Pischel, Penny Fooks, Donna Nowell
Outlaws, citizens etc. Ryan Nowell, Jacob Nicolle, Vicky Meeks, Suzy Forbes, Dawn Wright
 Much  Luca Potgieter
Guards Ryan Nowell, Jacob Nicolle


Thursday 2 to Saturday 4  December 2021

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