On Monday Next – 2014

A comedy by Philip King
Directed by Pam Valentine

The Drossmouth Repertory Company are holding the second rehearsal of a new play which is due to open next Monday. The proceedings are complicated by an incomplete set and the cast not knowing their lines. The unexpected appearance of the author does not improve the situation, especially when he seems to want to direct too. The bombastic producer wants instant rewrites and constantly rows with a strong willed cast, who themselves are battling with a carpenter who insists in sawing up the stage during rehearsals. The leading man and lady start to squabble furiously and there seems little chance that the play will open. But these are old troupers and the show must go on…


Harry Blacker Christoph Kuhle
George Rick Wheatley
Maud Barron Bella Thomas
Jerry Winterton Peter Menzies
The Author Richard Henderson
Daphne Wray Sandra Watkins
Avis Clare Gina Hawkshaw
Jackson Harley David Cooper
Mary Manners Sam Breach
Sandra Layton Penny Fooks
Norwood Beverley Basil Brown


Thursday 19 June 2014
Friday 20 June 2014
Saturday 21 June 2014 all at 7.30pm

The stage of the Theatre Royal, Drossmouth

Act 1

Wednesday morning, about ten fifteen

Act 2

Twenty minutes later

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