Image of Outdoor picnic and theatre


Saturday 29th July 2023
Doors open from 4.00 pm, with plays starting at approx. 5.30 pm.

Picnic in the Park 2023

Two short plays “Camping” by Bob Tucker

and “Contract Killer” by Tony Domaille

plus a One-Act play “Last Panto in Little Grimley” by David Tristram (adult themed)

Our Picnic in the Park evening has proved extremely  popular so we are doing it for the 8th year.  This promises to be a great fun, great value evening of fun and entertainment with a chance to laugh along.  Bring your friends and a sumptuous picnic and drinks to relax and be entertained – doors open from 4.00 pm.  Our short comedies will be put on around 5.30 pm dependant on audience and weather. This will happen at Winterslow Village Hall SP5 1PQ.  In case of wet weather, the whole event will take place inside.  Stay after the play to enjoy the atmosphere up to 9.00pm when doors will close.


by Bob Tucker


A truculent campsite owner in France is giving some English clients the run-around and making a tidy sum. We discover he’s not all he seems, except in the matter of his skulduggery.


Patron Richard Henderson
Camper 1 Donna Nowell
Camper 2 Harvey Baird
Camper 3 Ryan Nowell

Contract Killer

by Tony Domaille


Pub cat Tink’s comfortable life is at risk when the owners call in a mouse-catching cat who wants to take his/her place.


Tink Hugh McAvinue
Felix Bas Brown

Last Panto in Little Grimley

by David Tristram


Last Panto In Little Grimley is about members of a less than successful amateur dramatic group who endeavour to put on a show, despite there being only four members (three and a stage manager). Failing audiences have resulted in them taking drastic action to save the group. Gordon decides to write a pantomime, which turns out to be something very different to what Margaret was expecting. Once word of the risqué nature of Gordon’s panto, in which Margaret realises she may have to reveal more than her talent, gets around, the people of Little Grimley flock to buy tickets. Due to a set of calamitous circumstances on the opening night it doesn’t turn out as expected, with members of the cast having accidents.


Gordon Richard Henderson
Joyce Barbara Harfield
Bernard Vicky Meeks
Margaret David Cooper